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Participating troops demonstrated high readiness, according to their commander.

Central Asian nationals who fought alongside terrorists in Syria are returning to their homelands to plan terror attacks, suggest recent arrests.

Officials warn of the human costs that extremist delusions have inflicted on Kyrgyzstan.

Authorities are aware of the high stakes, given the danger posed by a radicalised person with military training and access to weapons.

The Ministry of Defence is expecting to hold 7,000 anti-extremism outreach events in 2017.

Joint exercises will help prevent potential terrorist attacks and increase regional security, say specialists and officials.

Their first-ever military pact turns Central Asia's largest countries into strategic partners, say observers.

Militants who regard Afghanistan and Pakistan as 'Khorasan Province' in their idea of a caliphate could move the theatre of war from the Middle East to Central Asia, observers warn.

Russia provides weapons and financial support to the Taliban, undermining the Afghan government's counter-terrorism efforts, say officials.

Uzbekistan ranked second in a worldwide survey of respondents' sense of security, but police are taking no chances.

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