Far fewer IS foreign fighters enter Iraq, Syria

The number of foreign fighters flowing into Iraq and Syria each month has declined to about 100 from a peak of about 1,500 three years ago.

Kyrgyzstan's new police force to focus on public safety, trust

The new patrol police will assist the public while maintaining 'zero tolerance' for corruption.

Security, aviation personnel overcome hijackers in Almaty exercise

More than 100 security personnel and aviation academy instructors and students participated in the counter-terrorism exercise at Almaty International Airport.

Putin jokes about Russian 'martyrs' in potential nuclear holocaust

The possible deaths of millions across the world through the use of nuclear weapons are a joke to the Russian president.

Reforms aim to increase efficiency of Kazakhstan's law enforcement agencies

Better working conditions and advanced training aim to improve Kazakh police officers' ability to protect the public.

Russian military exercises near Lake Issyk-Kul draw ire of Kyrgyz

Kyrgyz citizens, environmentalists and civil society activists are calling on the government to stop Russia-led military exercises from dropping ordinance on the country's main tourist attraction.

Spotlight glares on recent blunders of Russia's military intelligence

Russian agents bent on assassination, hacking and other crimes have recently left a trail of bungling around the world.

Russia's rejection of Afghan-led peace process exposes Kremlin's true aims

The Kremlin's efforts to reschedule a failed conference are not meant to establish peace in Afghanistan but rather to promote its own objectives.

Kremlin stokes fears of IS to tighten military grip on Kyrgyzstan

A joint military exercise in Issyk-Kul is Moscow's latest attempt to hype up terrorist threats for its own aims.

Historic military exercises mark new phase in Tajik-Uzbek relations

Tajik and Uzbek forces participated in the 'Indestructible Brotherhood' exercises, the first joint drills since the two countries' independence from the Soviet Union in 1991.

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