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2018-04-25 | Women's Rights

UN-EU project empowering women in Kyrgyzstan

The 3-year project is aimed at tackling the root causes of violence against women, such as gender stereotypes and harmful gender norms.

Russia prevented access to inspectors for a full two weeks, but specialists say they will be able to identify any use of chemical weapons or any tampering with evidence.

Ravaged by air strikes and declining morale, IS in Afghanistan has responded to its increasingly desperate situation by manipulating society's most vulnerable members -- children.

The various Nasriddinov relatives were part of 28 would-be militants who tried to cross from Turkey into Syria in three SUVs. Their vehicle was stopped by Turkish police.

Residents of rural areas in Kazakhstan are learning how to start their own businesses.

The 'Cameras in the Hands of Children' project will help Kyrgyz high school students highlight social problems in their communities through videos, co-ordinators say.

The Atyrau provincial government is keeping an eye on kindergartens that appear to be pushing non-secular education, and potentially religious extremism, on their pupils.

The Kremlin cited 'security concerns' for the continued delay, despite the fact the Syrian government organised a tour of the town where the attack took place for the foreign press.


Threats to the environment and to public health haunt Tajikistan 27 years after the Soviet collapse.


Do you trust Russian media outlets such as Sputnik and RT?