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The Taliban have been using advanced weapons available only to the Russian military, according to a security source in western Afghanistan.

After her brother called her to join him in Syria, a Tajik woman returns home to face trial.

When high-risk prisoners are jailed, they often become anxious and depressed, which pushes them towards religion, making them easily exploitable by extremists.

The group's ultra-extremist elements are assailing dissenters who think ISIS has gone too far in its attempt to enforce a hardline ideology.

The policy permits former extremists' return to peaceful life, say observers.

About 10,000 troops in two provinces and along the Caspian practiced how to take on a terrorist outfit.

As the 'Islamic State' crumbles in Iraq and Syria, Tajik families fear for radicalised children who joined the insurgents, and the grandchildren who have never known their homeland.

Among other cases, authorities in Tajikistan are working to repatriate a Tajik girl in an Iraqi orphanage.

The likely end of combat in Syria and Iraq means a mass return of defeated militants to Kyrgyzstan, warn observers.

Some 99% of profits from the illicit drug trade goes to terrorist groups and drug cartels, according to the Afghan Counter Narcotics Ministry.

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