'Travesty' at UN affirms Russia's complicity in Syria chemical attack

Russia vetoed an investigation into the chemical attack in Douma and followed with toothless proposals that lacked mechanisms to identify the perpetrators of the war crime.

Kremlin bows to pressure, flip-flops on Syria chemical attack probe

Moscow has insisted there is no evidence for a chemical attack despite being faced with numerous videos and pictures to the contrary.

Central Asian law enforcement officers to undergo border security, anti-WMD training

The training will take place in Tajikistan at a US-funded regional training centre designed to prevent trafficking in nuclear materials and WMDs.

Russia 'must be held to account' for latest chemical attack in Syria

International leaders expressed outrage and urged a 'strong' response after the latest alleged use of chemical weapons by the Kremlin-backed Syrian regime.

Opening of Caspian ports highlights strengthening relations between US, Kazakhstan

Access to the ports of Aktau and Kuryk will allow the United States to set up an alternative route to Afghanistan, bypassing Russia.

Kremlin uses 'shadow army' as cover for Putin's military thuggery

Independent investigations have dismissed the Kremlin's assertion that Wagner Group mercenaries are volunteers not affiliated with the Russian military.

Russia 'complicit' in atrocities committed by Syrian regime

The Russian-backed Syrian army has continued to violate the terms of a ceasefire in Eastern Ghouta, where more than 1,300 civilians, a fifth of them children, have been killed in recent weeks.

War crimes of Russia-backed regime creating 'apocalypse' in Syria

Indiscriminate airstrikes and use of barrel bombs, and the deployment of chemical weapons, have killed more than 900 civilians, including at least 179 children, since mid February.

Central Asia, US co-operation 'key' to security, stability

The United States is working with Central Asian partners to improve security throughout the region and to ensure long-term stability.

Analysts dismiss Putin's far-fetched 'invincible' weapons

The Russian president's saber rattling was just an attempt to sound tough ahead of national elections, observers say.

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