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The Kremlin cited 'security concerns' for the continued delay, despite the fact the Syrian government organised a tour of the town where the attack took place for the foreign press.

The near unanimous international support for the strikes carried out on the Syrian regime for its continued use of chemical weapons has left the Kremlin further isolated and discredited.

The once infamous National Security Service (SNB) has changed its name and implemented oversight and other reforms in order to tackle rising security threats and abuse of power.

The replacement of Qari Hikmatullah with another Uzbek suggests the group is having difficulty replacing its leaders and is being forced to depend on foreign fighters with fluctuating loyalties.

Russia vetoed an investigation into the chemical attack in Douma and followed with toothless proposals that lacked mechanisms to identify the perpetrators of the war crime.

Moscow has insisted there is no evidence for a chemical attack despite being faced with numerous videos and pictures to the contrary.

The training will take place in Tajikistan at a US-funded regional training centre designed to prevent trafficking in nuclear materials and WMDs.

International leaders expressed outrage and urged a 'strong' response after the latest alleged use of chemical weapons by the Kremlin-backed Syrian regime.

Access to the ports of Aktau and Kuryk will allow the United States to set up an alternative route to Afghanistan, bypassing Russia.

Independent investigations have dismissed the Kremlin's assertion that Wagner Group mercenaries are volunteers not affiliated with the Russian military.