UN, Kazakhstan vow more co-operation on equipment for peacekeeping missions

Kazakhstan's participation in UN peacekeeping missions is an indicator of the global community's confidence in the country and its armed forces, said one analyst.

International forum discusses digital literacy, media security in Central Asia

International and regional analysts covered numerous topics, including countering disinformation, hate speech and violent extremism across the region.

Russia perpetuates massacre of civilians in Syria under false pretext

The Kremlin says it is fighting terrorists but evidence of indiscriminate bombing of apartment buildings and civilians areas is overwhelming.

Russia is 'probably' violating nuclear test treaty, US general says

The Comprehensive Test-Ban Treaty, which the UN adopted in 1996, bans all nuclear tests worldwide whether for civilian or military purposes.

Kazakhstan approves military intelligence deal with Kyrgyzstan in sign of closer regional ties

The agreement represents an important step toward closer co-operation taken by Central Asian countries, observers say.

Russia presents UN measure in move to 'strangle' chemical weapons watchdog

Moscow has consistently attempted to impede investigations of chemical weapon use to protect its ally Syria.

'Islamic State' militants spark deadly Tajik prison riot

One of the riot leaders was the son of Gulmurod Khalimov, Central Asia's highest-ranking defector to the 'Islamic State'.

Kazakhstan's gun buy-back campaign sees 1,500 weapons surrendered in 1st month

The fight against unregistered weapons helps reduce crime and prevent terrorism.

Eyeing 'plenty of threats', Kazakhstan ramps up defence spending

Kazakhstan's military spending in the first two months of 2019 has climbed 73% compared to the same period last year.

Russian bungling expands terrorists' grip on Syrian territory

The cease-fire Russia negotiated in Idlib has facilitated al-Qaeda's consolidation of influence and territory.

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