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The law replaces a patchwork of ad hoc rules and internal regulations that gave police little accountability but also little recourse if they had complaints.

The government is conducting outreach on a number of fronts, including providing religious education to imams and the general public.

Central Asians also consume some of the narcotics passing through their territory, leading to various social problems.

Uzbekistani law enforcement is seeking to protect vulnerable youth from radicalisation and exploitation.

A trend of prohibited extremist movements merging with organised crime is alarming authorities in Kyrgyzstan.

Recent talks aiming to resolve outstanding border issues will allow the two countries to focus their efforts of extremist groups, observers say.

New security procedures will help protect railway terminals and airports from potential terrorist attacks, officials say

The regime has repeatedly breached international laws and agreements in a series of violations that threaten regional security, experts say.

The country is determined to modernise its military and to revise its counter-terrorism strategy, officials say.

Law enforcement agencies are encouraging members of the public to help the authorities prevent potential acts of terrorism.

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