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The plan is to create a mechanism over the next year to thwart the radicalisation that leads to terrorism, officials say.

More than 7,000 police and other security personnel will guard the athletic facilities, authorities say.

The country is launching a system that will enable officers to halt or shut down hijacked vehicles remotely.

Authorities are implementing a number of projects to calm a province hit by a recent terrorist attack.

The programmes are helping prevent the spread of terrorism and extremism in the region, officials say.

Stories in Turkish media about the suspected involvement of Turkmen migrants in various crimes and militancy have Ashgabat concerned.

It is critical for Kazakhstan to apply time-tested methods to fight money laundering and terror financing, specialists say.

The two countries' security officials are taking joint steps to 'respond to new risks' of extremism and terrorism.

Kazakhstani forces November 7-11 practiced destroying a terrorist group, according to the Defence Ministry.

The routing of the 'Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant' from the symbolic Syrian town will severely damage the group's image of a viable caliphate.

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